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"Ian’s Newsletter is the only newsletter I read always and completely. It is unfailingly on point regarding the day’s key economic and governance issues. He articulates his views exceptionally well, including the values essential to ethical business conduct. I am recommending subscriptions to our Directors."
Greg Sparks, CEO, Colorado

"I've cancelled most Wall St and other research for lack of value add. Ian's newsletter is one of the few I can't do without. His great insights save me time and bring forward important issues ahead of the curve – enabling better investment decisions before the herd has moved."
Mitch Swergold, Investor, Florida

"I have only minutes to read the daily news. I look for expert opinion, not just facts. Ian Campbell’s Newsletter is a very valuable Canadian view on world events. It greatly helps me ‘keep up’!"
Monica Weissmann, Investment Advisor, Ontario

"The value of Campbell’s ‘Straight Talk’ is the daily winnowing of important world economic news, and his interpretation of its economic and investing relevance and potential impact."
Ian Kennedy, Investment Banker, Ontario

"Ian's Straight Talk is one of the first things I read in the morning. It gives me a concise view of world economic events. His interpretations usually are thought provoking."
Alan Kane, Investment Advisor, California

"I read investor-type material extensively. Campbell's Economic Straight Talk story picks and comments are the most valuable I see. His sophisticated, unbiased approach places his e-letter at the ‘top of the list’."
Tony Simon, CEO, British Columbia

"Economic Straight Talk gives me informed, succinct comments on important economic events. It saves me time, helps me understand main-stream news, and makes me feel I'm staying ahead of the curve."
Steve Sicherman, Web Designer, Saskatchewan

"Ian creates value. He brings the same independent thought and deep perspective of what is important to his Newsletter that he brings to his consulting work. I read it regularly – it saves me time in staying well informed."
Jack Woodcock, Investment Banker, Ontario

"Your Newsletter is greatly appreciated. Even if I spent untold hours filtering and analyzing news content, I still wouldn’t gain the depth and clarity your experience and expertise provides. Thanks for deleting noise and substituting a wealth of knowledge."
Jon Lazzarino, Executive, British Columbia

Other Subscriber Comments

"Economic Straight Talk gives me a perspective that is either confirming of my views or alerts me of things I am missing."

"I get solid investment advice, and macroeconomic summaries that are not politically slanted."

"Very knowledgeable writers."

"I find info that I can not find at Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, Lew Rockwell, BlackListedNews, Daily Crux or any other place."

"You zero in on relevant information in both a micro and macro sense. I forward your newsletter to several people every day."

Most frequent comments from a survey conducted May 2012:
  • Balanced, candid, independent, non-partisan, objective
  • Very informative
  • Big picture approach is very helpful
  • Good forecasts
  • Information is current and relevant
  • Keeps me in touch daily