Ian R. Campbell, Editor and Principal Contributor

Ian R. Campbell
Principal Contributor and Editor

Ian R. Campbell founded Toronto based Campbell Valuation Partners Limitedin 1976. He has been in the forefront of Canadian business valuation for over 40 years and is widely recognized as one of Canada’s leading business valuation consultants. He is the author of a number of authoritative Business Valuation texts (see Biography). Through his consultancy activities, he has assisted large and small private companies, public companies, and many of Canada's wealthiest families in their business strategizing, business valuation, and business succession planning activities.

The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators has recognized Mr. Campbell’s significant contribution to the Canadian Business Valuation Profession by naming their annual business valuation research funding initiative The Ian R. Campbell Research Initiative.

Mr. Campbell is able to successfully parlay his considerable experience in the valuation business to investing by understanding the value of relevant, reliable, timely information to predict outcomes. He does that by curating world economic and resource news he filters from world media sources – such that media reports are put into contextual frameworks in a manner that enable readers of The Economic Straight Talk Newsletter to better understand and think for themselves with respect to their investments and securities trades.