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Ian R. Campbell's Economic Straight TalkWith over 40 years of experience as one of Canada’s leading business valuation consultants, Ian R. Campbell understands the value of relevant, reliable, and timely information to predict outcomes for investors.

Through The Economic Straight Talk Newsletter he shares his considerable knowledge and experience by providing his unique perspective on the world and country specific economies, the financial markets, and natural resources.

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Scotland – tomorrow’s vote

Long-term consequences are far from certain should there be a "yes" vote for Scottish independence tomorrow (September 18). That said the article Scottish independence: Three new polls show narrow lead .....

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European Central Bank interest rate changes

You no doubt know that on September 4 the European Central Bank reduced interest rates by 1/10th of 1% to a new level of 1/20th of 1%. At the same time it announced a form of quasi-quantitative easing

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Swiss Referendum – coming your way on November 30

If you don’t know of the upcoming Swiss Referendum said to be intended to bring more oversight and accountability to the Swiss National Bank (SNB) you might want to. While the fact of


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