About Economic Straight Talk (what we do)

The Economic Straight Talk Newsletter was launched in 2007 in response to what Campbell saw as a serious lack in the economic, financial markets and resources news world. Although many sites offered news, none provided the combination of filtered news and quick easy to understand commentaries on that news he was looking for.

Economic Straight Talk fills that gap. It delivers economic, financial markets and resources news, and unique commentary on that news. It does that the way busy traders and investors need it – intelligently and intuitively filtered, analyzed, and commented on.

Campbell’s unbiased Commentaries and Commentary Highlights, coming from a deep knowledge base, add a dimension to The Economic Straight Talk Newsletter that can’t be found elsewhere.

How we do it

Like many news sites, we subscribe to RSS feeds from respected news organizations, but the similarity ends there. First, we do that through a proprietary RSS Reader and Posting System. Second, at Economic Straight Talk we do much more than that, we:

  • continuously review and upgrade the quality of our news feeds and filters;
  • each day personally filter over 800 headlines from over 100 news feeds, and bring you 25 to 50 of the most relevant economic, financial markets and resources news articles every day; and,
  • post and archive these articles daily, on EconomicStraightTalk.com.

In our Economic Straight Talk Newsletter we:

  • identify important economic, financial markets and resources articles we have found in our filters;
  • provide Campbell’s valuable analyses and commentaries on those news articles;
  • offer “quick read” Commentary Highlights; and,
  • continuously look to further ‘world class’ third-parties to contribute additional insights and commentaries.