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Ian R. Campbell's Economic Straight TalkWith over 40 years of experience as one of Canada’s leading business valuation consultants, Ian R. Campbell understands the value of relevant, reliable, and timely information to predict outcomes for investors.

Through The Economic Straight Talk Newsletter he shares his considerable knowledge and experience by providing his unique perspective on the world and country specific economies, the financial markets, and natural resources.

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Janet Yellen yesterday

Yesterday Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen spoke at the Economic Club of New York.  It was her first monetary policy speech since she took over as Fed Chair early this year.

As I always do, rather than rely on what media reports say, I read the text of such speeches and reach my own conclusions.  I suggest you read .....

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China: Slowing economy?

One swallow does not a summer make. That said, yesterday several media sources reported that China's economy had grown at a rate of 7.4% in the Q1 2014 over Q1 2013. However, Q1 2014 growth was only 1.4% - the lowest rate in two years .....

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Europe: inflation - coming disinflation?

Two articles reporting on European Union country economies yesterday are in my view worrisome.  In some respects both articles are reporting on "more of the same". The financial markets seem oblivious.

The first article .....

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