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Ian R. Campbell's Economic Straight TalkWith over 40 years of experience as one of Canada’s leading business valuation consultants, Ian R. Campbell understands the value of relevant, reliable, and timely information to predict outcomes for investors.

Through The Economic Straight Talk Newsletter he shares his considerable knowledge and experience by providing his unique perspective on the world and country specific economies, the financial markets, and natural resources.

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Flagging Spanish loans - eurozone bank stress tests

The accompanying article that discusses non-performing Spanish loans (see Nonperforming Spanish Loans Near All-Time High as Overall Credit Shrinks) doesn't mention the upcoming eurozone bank stress tests. One can only wonder .....

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China growth - more on?

An article Monday titled China’s Growth Seen Slowing to 3.9% in Coming Decade suggests China’s growth expressed as a percentage will drop precipitously (my word) from the 2014 current estimate of 7.3%. If what this article .....

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Renminbi (Yuan) - Canada next?

There was news in the past few days that Canada has lobbied China to enable a "Renminbi hub" in either Toronto or Vancouver.


That direct currency trades in Renminbi will increase on a country .....

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